One Weekend gets you up and running.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and this hands-on class, gives students the ability to not only get to know the standard filmmaking equipment, but also shoot a short movie. We used modern Super 16 cameras from Aaton and Arri, with all the standard accessories from rails, matteboxes, follow focus, video tap/video monitoring and support. We pride ourselves and prepping students for shooting bigger projects and the base knowledge learned in this class will pass down to the future careers of each filmmaker who attends. Our goal is to give a basic understanding which will lead to further experimentation on film.

In this course, you will be handed a camera from the moment you enter class and go through it with the instructor as you learn by hand how to use it. Every step along the way from assembling the camera, loading the magazines, running the camera and how to maintain it, will be covered in the first day of the course.

On day two, we will venture into nature, where you'll get an opporunity to shoot your first short film. Here you will demonstrate your skills by shooting with an instructor present to ask questions if need be. Students can also venture on their own and experiment to their hearts content.

After the film is processed and printed, we will project it in class and discuss what was captured. Students will project their film as captured from the camera without any editing. Once presented, the films will be discussed and final prints will go home with the students. At the completion of the course, students will be put into our rental database, which allows them to rent equipment for extremely low rates for their personal projects.

This once a month, entry-level course has a basic associated cost of $250 for raw stock, processing and printing. If multiple students sign up for any given class, they are able to share the financial responsibility as a collective.