Here is a breakdown of our services.

Celluloid Dreaming provides all equipment necessary for classroom and class-related activities at no cost to our students. This includes; cameras, lenses, support, lighting, gaffing and sound. For basic classes, we have Super 8, 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm cameras available of varying ages and manufacturers. For more advanced classes, we will procure equipment for the students from other rental houses around Los Angeles, so students have experience with both older and modern equipment.

Our School Equipment Encludes:

  • Beaulieu Super 8

  • Bolex EBM 16mm

  • Arriflex SRIII Super 16

  • Aaton XTR Prod Super 16

  • Arri IIC 35mm

  • Aaton 35III 3 Perf Super 35mm

  • Optar Primes

  • Zeiss Primes

  • Canon Zooms

  • Zeiss Zooms

  • Celluloid Dreaming also provides case by case non-class related, short-term rental's for people who have taken our classes but wish to have low-cost equipment for their continued productions. Renters will be required to provide one-time proof of insurance to borrow equipment and pay a minimal processing/rental fee for each rental. This small fee helps cover our cost to continue providing excellent quality gear to our students.

    Because we are focused on our students first, Celluloid Dreaming can't supply equipment to non-students or for longer productions. This way, our students always have equipment available to them, for their needs. If you want to borrow our low cost equipment for your short-term production, we will be more then happy to accept you into our weekend training program, which will prepare you for proper use of our equipment. This way, you can qualify for our non-class related, short-term rental program for former students. Unfortunately, Celluloid Dreaming is now allowed to rent to non-students, or for longer productions. Our equipment is here for our students and we All you have to do is take our basic weekend class, which then qualifies you to borrow equipment for your future productions. For those who can't take our classes, we also can help negotiate deals with vendors in order to keep you shooting film.

    For more information about our rentals, please visit the contact us page and shoot us an e-mail or phone call.